22/I 2018 (Archaeology of Women)

Annales Universitatis Apulensis. Series Historica

Universitatea "1 Decembrie 1918" din Alba Iulia

ISSN 1453-9306 

22/I, 2018

Editori: Mihai Gligor, Andrei Soficaru




Archaeology of Women: Mortuary Practices and Bioarchaeological Reconstruction – An Introduction, pp. 5-8

Montserrat Hervella, Teresa Fernández-Crespo, Nerea G. Ventades, Imanol M. Laza, Rick Schulting, and Concepción De-La-Rua, Sex-related Inequality in Mesolithic Societies from Northern Iberia: A Diet and Mitogenome Study in Hunter-Gatherers, pp.9-26

Mihai Gligor, Andrei Dorian Soficaru, and Ana Fetcu, Cranial Fractures in 2005 Early Eneolithic Multiple Burial from Alba Iulia-Lumea Nouă (Romania), pp. 27-96

Ionela Crăciunescu and Cătălin Lazăr, The Women Among the Others. Some Insights Regarding Women’s Status in Eneolithic Society Based on Evidence from Sultana-Malu Roșu Cemetery (Romania), pp. 97-116

Claudia Cunha, Ana Maria Silva, Tiago Tomé, and António Carlos Valera, The Hand that Threads the Needle Can also Draw the Arrow: The Case of Bela Vista 5, pp. 117-130

Zaur Hasanov, The Cult of Female Warriors and Rulers in the Scythian and Sarmatian Cultures, pp. 131-150

Núria Montes and Maria Eulàlia Subirà, Monasticism and Activity Patterns: Evaluating Osteoarthritis Distribution and Entheseal Changes in a Feminine Monastic Community (Santa Maria de Vallsanta, Spain), pp. 151-178

Ana Lema Seabra, How She Was Laid to Rest. Theoretical Perspective on Bioarchaeology of Gender and Identity in Medieval and Modern Portugal, pp. 179-193

Charlotte Y. Henderson, Soledad Salega, and Ana Maria Silva, Portuguese Women’s Activity in the Past: Comparing Entheseal Changes Through Time, pp. 195-222

Nataša Šarkić, Lucia Muñoz, Ana Maria Silva, and Jesús Herrerín, An Idle Mind is the Devilʼs Workshop: A Study of Skeletal Markers of Activity in Female Monastic Populations from Belmonte (Spain, 16th-20th Centuries) and Alcácer do Sal (Portugal, 16th-19th Centuries), pp. 223-239

Vesna Bikić and Nataša Miladinović-Radmilović, Female Identity at the Beginning of the Modern Age – a Brideʼs Burial at Bubanj near Niš (Serbia), pp.  241-264

Elena Vasileva, Petar Parvanov, and Viktoria Russeva, An Ottoman-Age Femme Fatale. Archaeothanatological Context for the Deviant Burial of a Woman from Site No. 6 on the Haemus Highway in Bulgaria, pp. 265-277


Abstracts, pp. 279-285

List of Authors, pp. 287-289