University of Alba Iulia (UAB)
    About Us

“1 DECEMBRIE 1918” UNIVERSITY OF ALBA IULIA (UAB) was set up as a public higher education and research institution founded pursuant to the Romanian Government Decision no. 474/09.07.1991. Its name is related to the historical moment (1918) when the union of the three Romanian provinces was accomplished at Alba Iulia.

The aim of the university is to continually develop an academic community, able to enhance the value of the archaeological, social, economic and cultural heritage of our region, and create new and auspicious conditions for the students interested in scientific accomplishment and academic performance.

Our university is also committed to continuing the process of extending, modernising and adapting its research and education facilities, and in developing a complex – both theoretical and practical – academic training system for all those who are willing to become highly qualified specialists in different fields of activity. Therefore, we are permanently improving our undergraduate BA and BSc programmes, as well as post-graduate studies (Master and Ph.D. programmes). The academic programmes are aligned with the Bologna system.

UAB currently has collaboration agreements with more than 60 education and research institutions from abroad. Most of the agreements are focused on the exchange of students and staff (teaching staff, researchers and administrative staff), exchange of publications, journals and teaching materials. There are about 30 Erasmus agreements signed with foreign universities and 10 partner institutions from the private sector hosting Erasmus placements for students.

The university welcomes students from all over the world to enroll in one of the undergraduate or postgraduate programmes offered by its four faculties. For international students the University organises a preparatory year. 

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