BA in Archaeology

What will I be studying

Courses and seminars (selection):

World Prehistory, Introduction to World Ancient History, Introduction to Ancient History 
of Romanians, Introduction to World Medieval History, History of Byzantium, 
Introduction to Medieval History of Romanians, Introduction to Archaeology, Dwellings, 
settlements and fortifications in Prehistory, Archaeological field-work, Archaeological 
topography, Primary conservation and Protection of archaeological sites, 
Latin epigraphy, Roads and fortifications in Roman Dacia, Roman numismatics and 
economy, Demography in archaeology, Digital data in Archaeology, Archaeometallurgy, 
Paleoethnobotany, Ethnoarchaeology, Archaeology of migrations and Early Middle 
Ages, Social and funerary archaeology, Modern techniques of research, Dating and 
interpretation in Archaeology, Methodology of scientific research.

What next? 

Many of our graduates have found jobs in the field of education, museums, and in the
heritage administration and business sector whilst others have continued their studies
and research in the department from MA to PhD level and beyond.