Academic research
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How is student research supported at DIAM?

The Department provides all prerequisites to our students in order to achieve recognition for their research results during their studies. The student research takes place within:

- the History and Archaeology scientific circles (which have functioned continuously for almost twenty years);

- annually participation in archaeological excavations;

- research projects in our Department;

- exhibitions at the university museum;


- student conferences organized both in Alba Iulia or elsewhere in Romania.

Moreover, since two decades, the Department supports the publication of an annual journal (BCȘS) for scientific papers written in Romanian or English by our students or their colleagues from other academic institutions. Students conduct their own research under supervision of the department faculty members.


In a partnership with Alba County Council, the Department runs annually programs on cultural heritage and archaeology in order to provide to our students opportunities for historical and archaeological practice.

What are students saying?

“The fieldwork opportunities, stimulating courses and a rich set of practical skills make Alba Iulia a great place to study Archaeology. One of the things that I enjoyed most was making experiments with pottery using Neolithic techniques. However, it is not easy to find the secrets of our ancestors. This is what I truly discovered during my studies in Alba Iulia” AlinaBintintan, MA student. 

“Studying at Alba Iulia gave me a different perspective on what history means. It’s not about the facts, as it is about the ideas, the emotions, and the humans who made them happen. I understood that during my stay in the city and after so many travels in the places nearby or throughout the country.” George Alexandru Costan, MA student.