19/II 2015 (Places of Memory)


Universitatea “1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

ISSN 1453-9306




Introduction: 5-10


Defining the Place

Anamarija Kurilić and Zrinka Serventi, Buried Far Away: Easterners in Roman Liburnia: 13-36

Dmitri Budiukin, Small Burial Churches in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Russian Monasteries: 37-41

Sushant Kishore, From the Rajghat to India Gate: Places of Memory, Sites of State Sovereignty and Public Dissent: 43-57

Savannah D. Dodd, Death at Lunchtime: An Ethnographic Study of Locals Lunching at Cimetière Des Rois: 59-68

The Funerary Practices

Christina Lundberg and Mihai Gligor, Place of Death and Place of Rest. Commingled Human Remains from Alba Iulia-Lumea Nouă 2015 Early Eneolithic Funerary Discovery: 71-103

Júlia Bara, Funeral Traditions of the Hungarian Aristocracy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: An Overview: 105-131

Hilda Maclean, “The Defunct Celestial:” Chinese Funerary Practices in Nineteenth Century Australia: 133-140

Anna E. Kubiak, Legal and Economic Issues of the Polish Funeral Industry: 141-147

Keeping of Memory

Dóra Mérai, Stones in Floors and Walls: Commemorating the Dead in the Transylvanian Principality: 151-173

Jewell Homad Johnson, Medieval Remembrance: Mak Dizdar and the Stećak of Bosnia: 175-193

Cristina Bogdan, Recalling Devices: From Ossuaries to Virtual Memorials: 195-212

Research Methods and Preservation

Dawn C. Stricklin, Bringing the Dead Back to Life: Reconstructing Cemetery Burial Registers: 215-234

Daniel Dumitran, Jewish Cemeteries of Romania: Alba Iulia Case Study: 235-258

List of abbreviations: 267-268

List of authors: 269-270