16/II 2012 (Transylvania in the 13-16th c.)

Annales Universitatis Apulensis. Series Historica

Universitatea "1 Decembrie 1918" din Alba Iulia

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Editor Cosmin Popa-Gorjanu

Transylvania in the Thirteenth to Sixteenteenth Centuries:
Aspects of the Formation and Consolidation of Regional Identity

Cuprins/ Contents

COSMIN POPA-GORJANU, Foreword, pp. 5-10

ADRIAN ANDREI RUSU, Identifying Material Culture Transfer in Medieval Elites: Preliminary Sketches for a Medieval Regional Identity in Transylvania, pp. 11-26

TUDOR SĂLĂGEAN, Noble Assembly and the Congregational System in Transylvania in the Late Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries, pp. 27-40

COSMIN POPA-GORJANU, The Nobility as Bearers of Regional Identity in Fourteenth Century Transylvania, pp. 41-58

GÉZA HEGYI, The Relation of Sălaj with Transylvania in the Middle Ages, pp. 59-86

MARIAN COMAN, A Game of Rhetoric. Transylvanian Regional Identities in Medieval Wallachian Sources, pp. 87-104

VLADIMIR AGRIGOROAEI, An Interpretatio Wallachica of Serbian Influences: the Cases of Ribița, Streisângeorgiu and Crișcior (but also Râmeț), pp. 105-136

EMESE SARKADI NAGY, In modo Transilvano? Aspects of Transylvanian Altarpiece Production, pp. 137-148

CIPRIAN FIREA, Evidence of Patronage in Late Medieval Transylvania. Saxon Priests as Promoters of the Arts, pp. 149-172

MÁRIA PAKUCS-WILLCOCKS, Transylvania and its International Trade, 1525-1575, pp. 173-182

ANCA HAPCA, Origins of a Border Conflict between the Maramureș and Bistrița Regions, pp. 183-194

OCTAVIAN TĂTAR, The Regional Identity of Transylvania in the Mid-Sixteenth Century with Regard to Diplomatic Relations between the House of Austria and the Ottoman Porte, pp. 195-216

ANA-MARIA GRUIA, Regional Traits of Smoking in the Autonomous Principality of Transylvania, pp. 217-234

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